Workshop series on selfleadership, leadership, and communication

In addition to technical skills, communication and selfleadership skills are becoming more and more important for scientists ā€“ also regarding later career perspectives.

Selfleadership, leadership, and communication courses are primarily about building a connection between oneself and others. People are complex and it is not possible to simplify and reduce this complexity to make things easier. The key is: learning to lead this complexity.

Those who know themselves well, understand their own goals, values, and behaviors, and knowhow to communicate to reach other people, can deal more
successfully with the challenges of the future, such as agility, selforganization and working in changing environments.

To achieve this, we provide students with the appropriate tools in communication and selfleadership as early as possible to ensure excellent conditions for later success in the working world.

The aim of this workshop series is to increase awareness of the topics of communication and selfleadership. Students will acquire selfleadership and communication skills that will serve them both in their studies and in their future careers. For example, they get to know themselves, learn how to live theirĀ  values, develop their strengths and adapt and change their behaviors and habits. They will understand better how to reach other people and how to communicate more purposefully and thus also increasing their selfresponsibility.