Participation of Principal Investigators at the World Biomaterials Congress

Four principal investigators (PIs) from the TRR225 successfully represented our research at the prestigious World Biomaterials Congress (WBC 2024) in Daegu. Each PI presented significant project results stemming from our TRR225 initiative.

Held once every four years, the WBC is a premier event in the field, attracting over 4,200 participants from across the globe. This year’s congress took place in Daegu, South Korea, and provided an exceptional platform for scientific exchange and insights into the latest advancements in biomaterials and biofabrication.

Our participation underscored the cutting-edge research and collaborative spirit of the TRR225 team, contributing to the global dialogue on biomaterials.

Scientific Exchange with Colleagues from Hanyang University and the University of Sydney

Following their participation in the World Biomaterials Congress, three principal investigators (PIs) of TRR225 visited the Department of Bioengineering at Hanyang University in Seoul for a scientific seminar with colleagues from the University of Sydney.

The event featured a mini-symposium on Biomaterials, showcasing four excellent talks that highlighted recent advancements and research findings in the field. This provided a rich opportunity for scientific exchange, fostering discussions on innovative approaches and collaborative projects. The visit also included a comprehensive tour of the lab facilities at Hanyang University, offering insights into their research infrastructure and methodologies.

In the evening, an authentic Korean BBQ provided a relaxed setting for social exchange, allowing participants to build stronger professional relationships. This informal gathering also facilitated discussions on potential future collaborations, including the exchange of PhD students between the institutions, further strengthening the international ties and enhancing the global research network of TRR225.

Dr. Eugen Gefel has won the Doctorate Award of the Unterfr├Ąnkische Gedenkjahrstiftung for outstanding dissertations. Congratulations!

50 km hike in the Rh├Ân: an unforgettable experience

On the last weekend in May, we undertook an impressive 50 km hike in the picturesque Rh├Ân. We set off from Fladungen railway station in a good mood at 7.45 am. The weather was ideal for hiking and the views with the clouds were simply breathtaking!

The route planned by Uwe took us across wide meadows and idyllic hiking trails, along country roads and through varied terrain passing the Black Moor, Schafstein (831 metres above sea level) to the Wasserkuppe, the highest point of our hike at 950 metres. We took a well-earned snack break there and two more hikers joined our group. From the Wasserkuppe, we had a fantastic view over the beautiful landscape of the Rh├Ân.
The way back took us through the Red Moor, occasionally across country through high grass and rough terrain, until we reached the Silbersee. Moderate rain set in over the last few kilometres when we arrived back at Fladungen station at around 7.00 pm.

Exhausted, but happy and proud to have completed the 50-kilometre hike, we ended the evening with a delicious meal and a good atmosphere.

This hike was a fantastic experience that brought us closer to the beauty of the Rh├Ân and will certainly remain in our memories for a long time to come. We are already looking forward to the next tour!


Award for Best Poster goes to Camilla!

Camilla Mussoni has won the “Award for Best Poster” at the Alpine Winter School for Biofabrication in Radstadt (Austria) organised by the TU Vienna for her work on a glomerular filtration barrier model. Congratulations, Camilla!


Replace. Reduce. Refine ÔÇô approaches to minimize and avoid animal testing

As part of the Institute of Functional Materials and Biofabrication (IFB), we are committed to these so-called 3R goals. The IFB team is significantly involved in the organization of the 1st International Conference of the W├╝rzburg Initiative 3R (WI3R) to engage in scientific exchange on the topic and to inform about possible approaches to minimize or avoid animal experiments. If you would like to become part of the initiative or are interested in the topic, please take part in the symposium, and join us in June 2024 in W├╝rzburg.

Program and registration


Science Week at FMZ

Pupils from the Martin-Pollich Gymnasium in Mellrichstadt have been successfully working on the topic of “Magnesium phosphates as the future of bone replacement” as part of their school’s Science Week at FMZ, using methods such as cement synthesis, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and mechanical testing.

From left to right: Paul Otto (PhD Student), Tom Lochner, Daniel Gbureck, Felix Baumeister, Justus Fuchs, Julius Dehnel, Prof. Uwe Gbureck

J├╝rgen Groll – appointed Ordinary Member in the German Academy of Science and Engineering

The German Academy of Science and Engineering, acatech, is pleased to introduce its 22 newly appointed scientific members, among whom is J├╝rgen Groll, the SFB/TRR 225 Speaker. These experts have accepted the role as members of acatech, an honorary position, to provide their scientific knowledge and insights to advise on various technology, policy, and societal matters.

The selection of these 10 female and 12 male scientists is a recognition of their exceptional contributions to research and their strong reputation in their respective fields. Their areas of expertise cover a wide range of disciplines, including quantum research, engineering, and the fundamental questions of technology sciences. This diverse knowledge will strengthen acatech’s ability to offer comprehensive guidance on matters related to innovation.

Jan W├Ârner, President of acatech, warmly welcomes the new academy members and expresses gratitude for their acceptance. “The unanimous vote from our assembly underscores the caliber these scientists bring to our mission of providing evidence-based advice to shape policies and societies. The challenges in research and innovation continue to grow, and I am deeply thankful to both the new and already active members for their dedicated engagement in acatech.”

Notably, the inclusion of J├╝rgen Groll as an Ordinary Member in the German Academy of Science and Engineering reflects his outstanding contributions to the field. He is a professor at the University of W├╝rzburg, holding the Chair for Functional Materials in Medicine and Dentistry. His research focuses on areas such as biofabrication, regenerative materials, and polymeric biomaterials.

An achievement worth noting is the remarkable gender diversity among the new acatech members, with over 45 percent being women. This surpasses acatech’s goal outlined in its gender equality action plan, which aimed for a minimum of 30 percent female representation in the nominations for new acatech members.

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Fantastic Five: Recap of FMZ’s Hiking Event from Poppenhausen to Mellrichstadt

On September 9th, FMZ member Uwe and Csaba organized a memorable hiking event covering approximately 50 kilometers from Poppenhausen to Mellrichstadt. While the group was small, it was a day filled with camaraderie and beautiful landscapes.

After the hike, they gathered at “Holzwurm,” a local pub, for a well-deserved celebration. Cold beers and good company provided the perfect ending to our day.

While the group may have been small, the memories and experiences they shared were priceless. We look forward to more adventures with our FMZ community in the future.

Chemistry Summer School: A Journey for Aspiring Scholars with FMZ

From September 6th to September 8th, 2023, the Chemistry Summer School at the University of W├╝rzburg, in collaboration with FMZ, provided a unique opportunity to high school students interested in chemistry. Over three days, participants explored the fascinating world of chemistry, delving into various fields such as functional materials, food chemistry, and pharmaceuticals. The program included engaging lectures, laboratory tours, and hands-on experiments, with the added expertise of FMZ. It was a valuable experience for these budding scholars, offering insights into chemistry and helping them make informed decisions about their future academic pursuits.


FMZ Retreat

Congratulations Ali!

On 20 July 2023 Ali Nadernezhad defended his PhD thesis “Engineering approaches in biofabrication of vascularized structures.” Well done!


Congratulations Jan!

On 19 June 2023 Jan Weichold defended his PhD thesis “Injectable calcium phosphate-based bone replacement cements.” Well done!

Our “Betriebsausflug” in Iphofen

15.06.23 – Our recent betriebsausflug in Iphofen was a day filled with fun, exploration, and team bonding.

A highlight of our day was the visit to the Knaufmuseum. We had the chance to explore exhibitions featuring oriental jewelry and 3D-mounted art from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia, and South America. It was a fascinating cultural experience that enriched our outing.

In the afternoon, we headed to a local winery, where we indulged in wine tasting and savored regional cuisine. The wines and food were a delightful reflection of Iphofen’s character, making it a perfect setting for our team to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Our betriebsausflug in Iphofen was a memorable day, filled with cultural exploration and team bonding. It provided an opportunity for our team to relax and connect in a beautiful Bavarian setting. Iphofen turned out to be an excellent choice for our company outing, leaving us with lasting memories.


Topping out ceremony for the CPL
6 March – In his ceremonial address, Science Minister Markus Blume said: “At the topping-out ceremony for the new research building for the Center of Polymers for Life, it is once again clear that Bavaria’s oldest university is moving at full speed towards excellence. The CPL raises polymer research to a new level.”

(Pictures: Staatliches Bauamt W├╝rzburg)

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Congratulations Philipp!

27 January – Philipp Stahlhut has successfully passed his doctoral exam at the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy. Our best congratulations!

Congratulations Kristina!

18 January – Kristina Andelovic has defended her dissertation and graduated with a final grade of 1.0 – summa cum laude. Congratulations!


20 and 21 December – Two more doctorates: Congratulations to Franziska Weigl and Leonard Forster on successfully defending their dissertations!

15 December – Our first live Christmas party in years!
We had great food and drinks with lots of homemade specialties, games, a review of the year in pictures, a Sing Star competition and much more.

14 December – Congratulations to Junwen Shan on successfully passing her doctoral exam!


28 October – We are pleased to announce that J├╝rgen Groll has been elected as a new member of the National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech).


28 September – Congratulations to J├╝rgen Groll for receiving the renowned ISBF Senior Investigator Award 2022! (Photo: Award Ceremony in Pisa)

Matthias Ryma has received several awards for his dissertation: The DGBM Award for outstanding scientific dissertations, the Bavarian Culture Award (“Kulturpreis Bayern“) in the category “Universities” (pictured), which honors the best doctoral theses at Bavarian universities, and the Doctorate Award of the “Unterfr├Ąnkische Gedenkjahrstiftung” for outstanding dissertations. Congratulations!


20 July – We chose the hottest day of the year for our team outing. Surprisingly, the wine tasting in Eibelstadt was a lot of fun anyway.


22 June – Congratulations to Annika Seifert on successfully passing her doctoral exam!

1 June – Congratulations to Ib Holzmeister on successfully passing his doctoral exam!


29 May – Prof. Groll finishes W├╝rzburg Half Marathon in personal best time. Congratulations!

16-18 May – FMZ Retreat

10 May – Lecture by visiting scientist Gabriela Graziani (Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute, Bologna, Italy): ÔÇťBiomimetic 3D models of bone for orthopaedic oncology: a combination of 3D printing, 3D bioprinting and nanostructured materialsÔÇŁ

(Photo: Dr. Gabriela Graziani with Prof. Uwe Gbureck)


Prof. Uwe Gbureck and Dr. Katrin Hurle from the GeoZentrum Nordbayern-Mineralogy, Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuernberg recieved funding from the DFG on the topic ÔÇ×Interaction mechanisms of medical drugs with calcium phosphate cements for use as pharmacologically active bone substitutesÔÇť. Congratulations!


25 March – Prof. Groll speaks at the Achilles Retreat hosted by Prof. Docheva: “MEW-based approaches for scaffolds with relevance to tendon regeneration”


The German Research Foundation has extended funding for the Collaborative Research Center SFB/TRR 225.
The decision recognizes the excellent research that the SFB/TRR 225 has achieved in the first funding period. Based on the biofabrication expertise existing at the sites in W├╝rzburg, Bayreuth and Erlangen, this Collaborative Research Center has established a sustainable center of excellence with a leading international role.


25 October: Groundbreaking ceremony for the “Center of Polymers for Life” at the Hubland Campus
Prof. Groll: “The research building in W├╝rzburg will form the infrastructural basis for an internationally unique interdisciplinary research center. Under the guiding principle of applied polymer research for life sciences, the CPL will open up pioneering research perspectives for functional biomaterials and biofabrication in W├╝rzburg.”






Congratulations to Matthias Ryma on successfully passing his doctoral exam!



Congratulations to our ISBF 2021 Award Winners:
Ezgi Bakirci – ISBF Young Scientist Award
and Johannes Braig – ISBF Best Poster Presentation






Congratulations to Franziska Weigl: Best Poster Award at the MC2021 Microscopy Conference!















The Committee on State Budget and Financial Affairs of the Bavarian State Parliament granted the official building permission for the CPL (Center of Polymers for Life) research building at the University of W├╝rzburg, which is unique in Germany, in its meeting on July 14, 21. The four-story building, which will cost around ÔéČ30 million, will be financed in equal parts by the federal government and the state of Bavaria. Starting in 2024, the building will house approximately 80 coworkers on 1000 m2 of laboratory space and 500 m2 of office space, which will be used by researchers from a wide range of disciplines (chemistry, medicine, materials science, biology, computer science and engineering). The goal is to make 3D printing useful not only for medical device technology, but also for the build up of living human tissues. Construction will begin this year with an official groundbreaking ceremony on Oct. 25th and will be completed in just under three years.



Interview with Prof. Groll, published on the website “Research in Bavaria” of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts: He talks about W├╝rzburg as a research location for biofabrication, the newly founded Institute for Functional Materials and Biofabrication (IFB) and the planned Center of Polymers for Life (CPL).

17 June: Symposium led by Prof. Groll: “3D printing: What medical professionals expect – questions from everyday clinical practice”.








“Biomaterials and Biofabrication: Design, Engineering and Innovation”: The University of Bayreuth offers Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the international online learning platform edX. Prof. Groll contributes as an expert:



Congratulations to Sonja Horvath on successfully passing her doctoral exam!



Technical regulation for bioprinting:
Prof. J├╝rgen Groll and Dr. Hanna Hartmann (NMI Reutlingen) have taken over the chairmanship of the newly founded VDI Guideline Committee 5708. The committee aims to define standards and norms for the devices and bio-inks used in the research field of bioprinting.



Congratulations to Florian Pinzner and Almoatazbellah Youssef on successfully passing their doctoral exams!



Prof. Gbureck and Prof. K├╝bler from the Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Plastic Surgery recieved funding from the DFG on the topic “Mineral bone adhesives with isocyanate modified prepolymers as adhesion promoters”. Congratulations!

We congratulate the dentists Melissa Jung and Sandra Hinderer (doctoral supervisor Prof. Gbureck, respectively) on their successfully completed doctoral examination.



PhD training in communication and (self)-leading: Current workshop-process from Jan. – June 2021


ZEIT Campus, January 2021: Top level research in Bavaria: The “Center of Polymers for Life”, which is being built in W├╝rzburg, is part of the federal state’s outstanding research infrastructure.


During the last years the FMZ and the Hartmann AG had a cooperation to develop hydrogel based wound dressings. Now Hartmann launched a new product this year (HydroTac transparent) where we were involved in the developing process. This product is now also ready for approval by the MDA (Medical Device Autority) and FDA.


Prof. Dalton has received the research promotion prize of the Vogel Foundation, worth ÔéČ25,000. Congratulations!
Main Post, 12.11.2020


Interview with Prof. Groll about the new research building CPL:
Main Post, 26.10.2020



Ib Holzmeister and Jan Weichhold win poster prices for FMZ at the 31st Bioceramics Conference in New Orleans:


FMZ participates in EU-funded joint project BRAVĂÄ:

BRAVĂÄ is an international research initiative aimed at the regeneration of heart tissue after a heart attack. ┬áThe project brings together the latest scientific and technological advances in bioengineering or regenerative medicine such as 3D printing, biomaterials, and stem cells, as well as computational modelling to fabricate a biological device able to pump alongside a damaged heart, thus providing functional support.

Under the leadership of the Cl├şnica Universidad de Navarra (Spain) and together with twelve other European institutions, the FMZ is co-operating in the project financed by the EU Horizon 2020 Programme with a total of ÔéČ8M.



FMZ at ISBF Columbus/Ohio



FMZ at ESB Dresden



FMZ at ACS Fall 2019 National Meeting and Exposition in San Diego



FMZ retreat in Oberelsbach



7th June: The FMZ congratulates Michaela R├Âdel for the successful defence of her Doctoral thesis!
“Development of Dual Setting Cement Systems as Composite Biomaterials with Ductile Properties”



Biofabrication: New Resarch Center

The University of W├╝rzburg plans to build a “Center of Polymers for Life (CPL)“. Rating the new project as excellent, the German Council of Science and Humanities has recommended its implementation. The new building is set to be located on the JMU Hubland campus on a 1,570 square metre plot next to the Center of Chemistry and is estimated to cost around EUR 23 million plus another four million euros for large appliances and the initial equipment. Construction is expected to begin in 2020 and to be completed in 2024.