Unser Artikel Additive manufacturing of scaffolds with sub-micron filaments via melt electrospinning writing, der 2015 in BiofabricationTM veröffentlicht wurde, ist für die 2015 Highlights collection des Journals ausgewählt worden.

Das Paper In situ-immobilization of two model cyanobacterial strains in ceramic structures: a new biohybrid material for photobioreactor applications wurde im Journal of Biotechnology veröffentlicht.

Das Review-Paper Melt electrospinning today: An opportune time for an emerging polymer process wurde in Progress in Polymer Science veröffentlicht.


The manuscript Biofabrication: reappraising the definition of an evolving field is published in Biofabrication!


Tomasz JĂĽngst receives the IOP Biofabrication Journal Oral Award and the regenHU Young Scientist Award at the International Conference on Biofabrication in Utrecht! Both prizes were awarded for the development of an innovative bioink on the basis of spider silk protein, which


The manuscript Strategies and Molecular Design Criteria for 3D Printable Hydrogels was published in Chemical Reviews!

The FMZ congratulates Matthias Kuhlmann for the successful defence of his Doctoral thesis!


Sarah Bertlein participates as a group discussion leader in the Collagen Gordon Research Seminar in Boston. She also presents a talk during the seminar and a poster for the seminar and the associated Gordon Research Conference.

Ilona Zilkowski and Susanne Feineis present a poster at the Cancer Nanotechnology Gordon Research Conference in Boston.


STRATEGIES IN TISSUE ENGINEERING – The conference of the WĂĽrzburg Initiative Tissue Engineering was a big success and attracted over 400 participants from 20 countries! FMZ received 2 awards for excellent contributions, one for Laura Wistlich (oral presentation) and one for Sarah Bertlein (poster).


New paper “Reinforcement of hydrogels using three-dimensionally printed microfibres” published in Nature Communications!


New Zeiss crossbeam electron microscope installed!
Recently the FMZ has become prowd owner of a Crossbeam 340 of the company Zeiss. The high-end device features besides numerous different electron detectors a focused ion beam column for depth analysis, a micromanipulator for the preparation of TEM lamellae, an energy dispersive X-ray detector for element analysis, and an entire setup for the cryo preparation of water-containing samples.


The manuscript  Biofabrication of Cell-Loaded 3D Spider Silk Constructs has been published in Angewandte Chemie.


PhD-student exchange with the University of Bangalore

As part of a cooperation between FMZ WĂĽrzburg and the Materials Research Centre of the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India, Susanne Christ will work in Prof. Bikramjit Basu’s group for 7 weeks. Production and investigation of three-dimensional scaffolds made by rapid-prototyping technique will be the main parts of the issue “3D powder printed strontium-substituted magnesium phosphate 3D scaffolds with enhanced bioactivity to promote early osseointegration”. Investigations include material specific properties as well as biological properties. Within this cooperation in January 2015 another exchange will be proceeded. A PhD-student of Prof. Bikramjit Basu, Sourav Mandal, will visit the FMZ and also work on a project.


On October 3rd the second “Doors-Open-Day” (initiated by the german children’s TV “Show with the mouse”) took place in the FMZ!


Michael Schmitz gives a talk about cystein functionalized Poly(2-oxazolin)e at the 248th ACS National Meeting & Exposition in San Francisco. (Abstract)


FMZ welcomes its new co-worker Prof. Dr. Paul Dalton!


FMZ presents recent research results in regenerative medicine on Bavarian TV.


6th scientific seminar of the North-Bavarian Biomaterials Alliance in regenerative medicine in Bayreuth


The FMZ and the Department for Orthodontics open their laboratory doors for 60 children on the “doors-open day with the mouse and the elephant”. (pics)


25th anniversary article Engineering Hydrogels for Biofabrication is published in Advanced Materials.


Successful patent application: “Production of materials having an anisotropic structure”

Prof. JĂĽrgen Groll and his department are featured in the german TV show Faszination Wissen.


The manuscript Nanostructuring of Refractory Metal Surfaces by Electrochemical Oxidation: Nb and the Binary Systems Ti-Ta and Nb-Ta has been published in Current Nanoscience.


The manuscript Embedding of Active Proteins and Living Cells in Redox-Sensitive Hydrogels and Nanogels through Enzymatic Cross-Linking has been published in Angewandte Chemie.

The EU-funded project HydroZONES, coordinated by Prof. JĂĽrgen Groll, is launched.

The manuscript Chemical Characterization of hydroxyapatite obtained by wet chemistry in the presence of V, Co, and Cu ions has been published in Material Science and Engineering C.


The manuscript Dualsetting α-tricalcium phosphate cements has been published in Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine.

The manuscript Effects ofnanoparticle surface-coupled peptides, functional endgroups, and charge on intracellular distribution and functionality of human primary reticuloendothelial cells has been published in Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine.

The manuscript Peptide-Functionalized Gold Nanorods Increase Liver Injury in Hepatitis has been published in ACS Nano..

The manuscript Bone targeting for the treatment of osteoporosis has been published in Journal Of Controlled Release..

The manuscript “Oxygen diffusion hardening of tantalum coatings on cp-titanium for biomedical applications”  has been published online in Surface & Coatings Technology.


FMZ welcomes its new co-worker Dr. Jörg Teßmar!


Dr. Elke Vorndran receives DGBM sponsorship award for an excellent dissertation at the annual conference of the
Deutsche Gesellschaft fĂĽr Biomaterialien.

FMZ wins poster award at world biomaterials congress in Chengdu!

Manuscript “Tenside-free Preparation of Nanogels with High Functional β‑Cyclodextrin Content” published in ACS Nano 

Manuscript “The effect of Cu(II)-loaded brushite scaffolds on growth and activity of osteoblastic cells” published in Journal of  Biomedical Materials Research Part A  

Manuscript “Controlled Ring-Opening Polymerization of Substituted Episulfi des for Side-Chain Functional Polysulfi de-Based Amphiphiles” published in Macromolecular Rapid Communications

Manuscript “Inducing healing-like human primary macrophage phenotypes by 3D hydrogel coated nanofibres” published in Biomaterials

Manuscript “How smart do biomaterials need to be? A translational science and clinical point of view” published in Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews

Manuscript “Fiber reinforced calcium phosphate cements – On the way to degradable load bearing bone substitutes?” published in Biomaterials


Manuscript „Inducing healing-like human primary macrophage phenotypes by 3D hydrogel coated nanofibres“ published in Biomaterials.
Dr. Elke Vorndran wins Zonta-Prize 2012!

Manuscript “Effects of nanoparticle surface-coupled peptides, functional endgroups, and charge on intracellular distribution and functionality of human primary reticuloendothelial cells” published in Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine

Manuscript „TiO2 nanotube arrays deposited on Ti substrate by anodic oxidation and their potential as a long-term drug delivery system for antimicrobial agents“ published in Applied Surface Science veröffentlicht


M. Sc. Biotechnol. Kathrin Hahn, Dipl. Ing. Kai Stuckensen, and Dipl. Chem. Matthias Kuhlmann receive travel grants for their contributions to the 9th World Congress on Biomaterials in Chengdu (China) from the Deutsche Gesellschaft fĂĽr Biomaterialien!

Manuscript „A hydrogel-based versatile screening platform for specific biomolecular recognition in a well plate format“ published inAnalytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

We congratulate Prof. Dr. Gbureck on his promotion to associate professor!


Manuscript „Antimicrobial and physicochemical properties of experimental light curing composites with alka substituted calcium phosphate fillers“ published in Dental Materials

Manuscript „Polysaccharide based covalently linked multi-membrane hydrogels“ published in Soft Matter

December 2011

FMZ will presented 8 contributions at the 9th World Congress on Biomaterials in Chengdu.

An annual PhD student exchange between FMZ and the Institute for Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI) at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT, Brisbane, Australien) is funded by DAAD!

FMZ congratulates Dr. Elke Vorndran on her successful Doctoral examination!

Manuscript “Polysaccharide based covalently linked multi-membrane hydrogels” published in Soft Matter